Nayantara Banerjee


Nayantara, the founder and seamstress behind TWS, has been sewing for nearly two decades, though admits in those first years, she was only able to sew under the guidance of her very patient mother.

An interest in fashion and especially sewing resulted in numerous embarrassing fabric concoctions throughout junior high and high school, including acid wash bellbottoms, backless prom dresses, and an absurd amount of scrunchies.

She took her interests to the next level by studying in the Fashion Design program at Syracuse University, which armed her with a solid understanding of construction as well as design and fashion history.

With that degree, she moved to New York and began working for the bespoke women's suit designer, Dara Lamb, where she learned the importance of a custom fit and many tailoring tricks.

She moved on to the online sewing community, where she not only designed patterns and sewing projects, but also taught sewing through step-by-step tutorials.

After realizing a need for a reliable and creative seamstress in her neighborhood, she set out with flyers and safety pins to spread the word about her skills and expertise, and voila! The Williamsburg Seamster was born. 

Erica Genereux Smith

Erica_Aug24 3.jpg

Erica has been with The Williamsburg Seamster since 2011, her first day marked by the rare and strange occasion of an east coast earthquake. Since then, she has been Nayantara's right hand man, assisting with everything from emails, organization, illustrations, and even sewing work, thanks to her experience in costume departments and backstages in theatre. Erica's also a performer, writer, and podcaster. Check her out on Storytime Hour with Erica & Jolenta

Interested in working with The Williamsburg Seamster? Interns with experience sewing and interested in learning more about tailoring and specialized alterations should contact The Williamsburg Seamster.