Wedding and Bridal Party Fun Stuff!

Had some fun with Erica making and styling a new line of fabric pieces and accessories that will be available soon on Etsy. 

Using fabric from my otherwise under-used vintage stash along with remnants from past projects and high quality stock silks, we made bunting pennants that can be customized in length and variety, as well as pouches for bridesmaids gifts and baby/bridal shower party favors. 

Up next will be lamé frayed curtains and lace and vintage fabric cushion covers and household gifts. 

Choose as many pouches in whatever variety you would like. Give jewelry, lavender sachets, crystals in then, or even use them as a creative way to send an invitation or exciting announcement to your dearest friends and family. 

Thank your bridesmaids with a crystal that will guide them in love, clarity, and success. 

Picture these draping along the head table, across the rafters in a barn wedding, or as a backdrop in a photobooth. 

Custom Garment Rack

On a recent visit to the beautiful Stone Fox Bride showroom, I fell in love with their zig zagged and tall garment rack. Molly was kind enough to put me in touch with the great guy who custom made it for her,  Patrick Glynn of PG Postals, who has been making amazing racks, shelves, tables and benches out of plumbing pipes and industrial hardware for about a year now. I told him about my situation (too many wedding dresses on a too short garment rack), sent him some dimensions, and he quickly whipped up this beauty for me! I'm especially excited to finally have a proper changing area. It feels like the opposite of a tornado in here for once- it feels calm. 

Custom suit success!

I am always so pleased by the custom sewing process- I really get to know a client, understand what they like, and ultimately create something that I know they will love and appreciate. However, it's also kind of sad for me- each custom garment is a real labor of love, that in the end I don't get to keep. I also wind up missing seeing my client on a regular basis. This is especially the case with this custom suit for a most wonderful woman named Stacie, who not only dreamed of this wildly amazing suit made from toile fabric, but is also a florist getting married in the Chelsea flower district in sort of flash mob style. She did bring along another project so I'll get to hang out with her again soon, but I'll miss this fabric with all it's amazing sketches. (And also she brought a few plants for me along to the fittings!)


muslin fitting success

Working on custom garments is probably my favorite part of what I do. I love designing with my clients personality, needs, and body in mind, making patterns, and especially making the muslins, which are "rough drafts", so to speak, of the garment to be made. The muslin is a great way to perfect a fit, noting what needs to be altered or nipped or tucked on the pattern itself, rather than the real garment. I especially like how happy my clients are when they see themselves in a muslin, as its the first time they really get to see our ideas and designs come to life. Here is a custom jacket and dress that I fit today on one of my most favorite clients, who will be wearing it for her wedding. Can't wait to get started on the final garment now that I know what changes need to happen with the fit, and especially since I'm making it in a beautiful countryside themed toile print!


George Costanza!


The Williamsburg Seamster's hand modeling Manish Arora jewels in the latest issue of The Fader, on stands now! I always thought hand modeling would be easy enough, but man it is tough to keep them free of nicks and scratches, especially when sewing. Not to mention the workout I got just holding my arm up, straight, and still for longish periods of time. Now I know why George Costanza was such a high strung model!

New Site!

Hello from The Williamsburg Seamster!

I'm excited to have this new website up and running, all done rather simply in the matter of a day thanks to SquareSpace!

please check in here for updates, pictures of alterations I'm proud of, garments I really love, insights and sewing tips, and obviously, some shameless self promotion.

Ok, back to the sewing machine!