TWS Bride Guide: Trims and Bridal Accessories

Here is some information about trims and helpful tips for you as you search for the right bridal belts, sashes, and head pieces.

Satin Ribbon is probably the most commonly thought of trim when it comes to bridal belts and sashes. Available in a ton of colors and variety of standard widths, usually between 1/8th" to 3 or 4", these can also come in a variety of qualities. There are thin, paper-y, stiff varieties that work better on a hat or an Easter basket, but a good bridal satin trim to search for or ask for is a double-faced polyester satin trim. Pictured here are a few of these, which are shiny on both sides, and slightly thicker than a basic satin trim. Thickness is especially important if you have a lace dress with a texture that might show through as bumps under a thinner satin. Also consider the width of the ribbon compared to the waistline on your dress and your bust size. A very thin trim may be the best way to bring waist definition on delicate dress or for a bride with a larger bust, while a more substantial dress or a bride with a smaller bust may benefit from a 2" wide trim. Much bigger than 2" is often tricky, because the shape of a waist usually curves in and out at about 1" above and below. Keeping an extra wide trim in place may require seams or darts to contour properly.