Custom Wedding Dresses

The process requires several meetings/fittings over a period of at least 3-months, with the final due date ideally scheduled for about one month before the wedding:

1- Initial consultation- meet at the studio to discuss what you are looking for, fabrics and styles that inspire you, and essentially get a feel of our compatibility.

2- Estimate- Based on our initial consultation, I will provide a loose estimate of time and labor required to design, pattern-make, and construct your dress. In order to begin the process, a 50% deposit of the low end of the estimate is required, with the balance to be paid in full once the dress is complete.

3- Design- I will create up to 5 sketches based on the details we have discussed by this point. Together, we will narrow down the design and create a technical drawing that will guide the rest of the process. This may be done after selecting a fabric as well, since often times having the right fabric in mind makes it easier to design. 

4-Fabric Sourcing- After settling on a design, we will select fabrics that best suit the design and your body. This can be done together in the garment district, or with fabric provided by the client, so long as it is appropriate quality and yardage. 

5- Muslin #1- Based on the fabric choice and design, I will make a first draft pattern and muslin to fit on the bride. Here we will perfect fit and design details. If major changes are needed after seeing the muslin, a second pattern and muslin may be made.

6- Muslin #2/ First Final Garment Fitting- After fabricating the design in the muslin, I will create the dress in the actual fabric. Additional details like hems, nips, and tucks will be sorted out here.

7- Follow up Final Garment Fitting- We will reassess fit and final touches will be sorted out here.

8- Final Garment- All yours, packaged in a garment bag, ready for the big day! Final payment is due at this time. 

Custom wedding dresses designed and created by The Williamsburg Seamster start at $1,750 plus the cost of fabric.