Q: Where can I see examples of The Williamsburg Seamster's work?

A: Check out recent examples of our tailoring & alterations services here - these are all real brides shown wearing their wedding dress before and after working with The Williamsburg Seamster. You can see even more before & after photos in an archive of past brides here, and the custom wedding dress portfolio here

Q: Where are you located?

A: TWS is located convenient to many highways and public transportation hubs in Downtown Los Angeles, on West 9th Street between Hill and Olive. Please note, we see clients by appointment only. 

Q: Can you provide reviews from past clients?

A: Yes, see the Yelp Reviews here. 

Q: Can you provide an estimate over email?

A: A loose estimate can be given over email. The Williamsburg Seamster will gladly provide you with a proper estimate upon seeing the dress in person and on you.  

Q: Do you have a consultation fee?

A: Yes, there is a $50 fee for in-person consultations. This $50 fee is waived if at the consultation, we should decide to move ahead, in which case, a deposit is required instead. 

Q: How do you accept payment?

A: I accept cash, check, Chase Quick Pay, and all major credit cards. A deposit of 50% of the low end of the estimate is required to begin the process, with final payment due upon pickup of the completed garment. 

Q: Can I bring friends/family along to the fitting?

A: Yes, you should feel free to bring 1 to 2 friends or family members, but due to space limitations, and the work needed to be done at the fitting, more than that number of guests is discouraged. 

Q: Do you make custom wedding dresses?

A: Yes! Read more about our custom sewing services here

Q: Do you make bridal accessories?

A: Yes! I provide customizable accessories for the bride and bridal party, including sashes, belts, and headpieces, as well as fabric-based pieces for table settings, photo-booth backdrops, bridesmaids gifts, etc. 

Q: Do you make knock-offs or copies of designer dresses?

A: No. As a designer, I cannot ethically copy a dress that another designer has worked hard to create. 

Q: Do you provide samples or production line sewing?

A: No. Check out the resources offered by Manufacture New York, or Maker's Row

Q: Do you have any recommended vendors for other aspects of the wedding?

A: I sure do! Read about some of our favorite vendors here


The price for wedding gown tailoring varies between dresses and can be influenced by such things as:

  • boning/understructure
  • lining
  • zippers
  • button/loop closure
  • hem finishes including encased linings, horsehair braid, baby or narrow hemming
  • width of fabric at hem
  • beading
  • lace/lace applique
  • cut of fabric (bias vs. straight grain) 
  • crinoline/tulle layers

Tailoring and fitting of a wedding dress usually starts around $350 for basic fitting and hemming, but there is no minimum should your needs be minor, nor is there a pre-set cap for more complicated alterations. 

Ready to move ahead? Inquire about an estimate and/or appointment here.