Redesign & Alterations

ALTERING with intention

Some wedding dresses need basic tailoring and fitting to be perfect for the big day, while others require significant redesign, restructuring, or to put it simply, a lot of love, before being a perfect fit for you and your wedding. Alterations and customized design changes may be the solution for you. TWS Redesign & Alterations Services option is ideal for a bride in search of assistance with undergarments, accessories, ideas for redesigning a dress or solving more challenging problems like building in or covering up support/undergarments, adjusting a dress for a pregnancy, or updating an heirloom dress. TWS will work closely with each bride to ensure that changes made to the dress appear intentional while maintaining the integrity of the design and structure of the dress, sourcing compatible and matching materials, and also guide in the selection of accessories, undergarments, and any other design details which need sorting out. With a BA in Fashion Design, and over a decade spent altering, tailoring, and making wedding dresses, allow TWS to share her expertise to perfectly customize your dream wedding look.